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Armeux dal Noblea
Arms of the Nobility

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The arms described below are held by the Talossan nobility.

Ma La Mha,
Conta da Florencia, Baron Tepist
(Baron Hooligan)

Arms: Vert a pair of hands throughout in chevron sustaining a carpenter's square chevronwise and on a chief dancetty of two points downward argent a cross flory fitchy and a goblet gules.

Crest: Issuant from a count's coronet proper a demi-lobster gules maintaining in the sinister claw a dagger argent.

Motto: PRIMA CAPIAM POCULA ("First round's on me")

Arms, helm, motto, crest, and mantling granted on elevation to nobility 20 November 2005
Quedeir Baron Castiglha, Cin.

Arms: Per fess embattled gules and azure, four wheat stalks interlaced fretwise or, in chief a drum major's mace or point to sinister.

Crest: In Design

Motto: NON FU L MSIQEU, EN FAU ("I don't face the music, I make it")

Arms granted by 2006 Wargaming Day Honours

Helm, motto, crest, and mantling granted on elevation to nobility 23 February 2006, motto conferred during 2007 Monarchy Day Honours

Danihel Conta Laurieir, Cin.

Arms: Or a rhinoceros pascuant sable within a laurel wreath vert, a chief gules.

Crest: In Design

Supporters: In Design

Motto: VIDEBIMUS OMNES ("We shall all see")

Arms, helm, motto, crest, mantling, and supporters granted on elevation to Nobility, 23 February 2006.
Fritz von Buchholtz,
UrN, Cin., S.H.,
Baron of Capitol & Locust

Arms: Sable, an open book argent charged with an Imperial eagle displayed and two swords in saltire sable, on a chief argent three trees eradicated gules.

Crest: Issuant from a baronial coronet proper an eagle displayed contourn or.

Motto: MALE FIERI, QUID POSSIT? ("What could possibly go wrong?")

Arms and motto granted on elevation to Knightood, 30 November 2005.

Helm, crest and mantling granted on elevation to Nobility, 2009 Independence Day Honours.

His Grace and His Highness
Patrick, Prince of Prospect and Duke of Florencia

Arms: Per dance azure and vert, a wolf salient argent armed and langued gules and in sinister chief a rose argent charged with a heart gules.

Supporters: (in design)

Crest: (in design)

Motto: (in design)

Arms granted during 2005 Independence Day Honours.

Motto, helm, crest, and mantling granted on elevation to Nobility, 2011 TalossaFest Extraordinary Honours

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