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Ministraes del Cu▀eglh
The Cabinet Ministries

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The offices of the Talossan Cabinet, and their responsibilities, were most recently established by statutory law 36RZ17, The Cabinet Refinishing Act. Responsible officers currently serving Prime Minister dal Nordselva in the Cabinet, and the leadership staff of the Ministries are:

  • The Prime Ministry
    • Distain (Deputy Prime Minister) - The Right Honourable P÷l d'AurýbuÚrg
    • Agencies and Administrations:
      • BŘreu d'Esploraziun Espašal es Rac'hetrÝa (BEER, the Bureau of Space Exploration and Rocketry) - Agency Head Rˇibeard Cresti Laira

  • Ministry of Culture
    • Minister of Culture - The Right Honourable Viteu MarcianŘs
    • Bureaus:
      • BŘreu del Glhe■ Talossan (Ladintsch Naziunal Sir Iustý Canun, UrGP)
      • Wargames Bureau (National Gamemaster Dien Tresplet)

  • Ministry of Defence
  • Ministry of Finance
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Foreign Minister - The Right Honourable ╔ovart Xhorxh
    • The Ministry operates six continental embassies, whose Ambassadors-General are empowered to create embassies and appoint ambassadors to nations within these continents:
      • Ambassador-General to Africa: vacant
      • Ambassador-General to Asia: BÚneditsch Ardpresteir
      • Ambassador-General to Australia and Oceania: vacant
      • Ambassador-General to Europe: vacant
      • Ambassador-General to North America: DavÝu Lundescu
      • Ambassador-General to South America: vacant
    • The Ministry also maintains, through the embassies to each foreign nation, consulates where currency of that nation is exchanged for Talossan currency:
      • Talossan Consulate in Fredonia, Wisconsin, USA: Consul-General Baron Fritz von Buchholtz, UrN, Cin., S.H.

  • Ministry of Home Affairs
    • Home Minister - The Right Honourable M.T. Patritz da Biondeu
    • Bureaus:
      • Bureau of Cestour Affairs - Scott Tucker, Piašateir Naziunal
      • Bureau of Provincial Affairs - bureau chief pending appointment

  • Ministry of Immigration
    • Immigration Minister - The Right Honourable AudradÔ d'AurýbuÚrg
    • Bureaus, Agencies and Offices:
      • New Citizens' Committee
        • M.T. da Biondeu, Chairman
        • ╔ovart Grischun, Vice-Chairman

  • Ministry of Justice
  • Ministry of Stuff
    • Minister of Stuff - The Right Honourable Alexandreu Davinescu
    • Bureaus:
      • Bureau of Social Publicity Administration and Management (SPAM) -Danihel Teziun, Head Spammajamma

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