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Provinš¨ da CÚzembre
CÚzembre Province

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Benvenesc¨ Ó CÚzembre!

Welcome to CÚzembre, Talossa's European province!

The island of CÚzembre, off the coast of Brittany, was a Talossan colony from 1982 until it became a province in 1996. In 1984 French troops occupied a portion of the island and placed it behind barbed wire. During a 1986 visit, King Robert I and Prime Minister Frederic Maugey liberated part of the French-occupied zone (due to deficiencies in French barbed-wire technology) and had a picnic.

In commemoration of this triumphant conquest for the Kingdom, the province is still divided into two Cantons, known as the Zone AutorisÚe and the Zone Interdite.

The province of CÚzembre was the first to set up its own website, www., and later but neither of them is still used.

The king recently promulgated a provincial constitution. You'll find it Here!.

Over the last few years many amendments to the constitution and other bills were approved by the provincial assembly. Links to provincial acts:

A1: The first CÚzembrean culture act.

A2: The information act.

A3: The damn the province with the long name act. (repealed by A4.)

A4: The get rid of A3 act.

A5: The Keys to the Kingdom act.

Five parties are currently represented in the CÚzembrean provincial assembly: l'Etats. The current voting members of l'Etats de CÚzembre are Ian da Bitour (6 seats, RUMP), Alexandreu Soleiglhfred(4 seats, MRPT), Litz Cjantscheir (3 seats, IND), GlŘc da Dhi (5 seats, MRPT), Owen Edwards (1 seat, CSPP), and Moritz Fernaodescu (1 seat,ZRT).

The Senator, Premier and Constable of CÚzembre are called Lord Warden, Seneschal and Governor General. The current SÚnÚchal is Alexandreu Soleiglhfred and the current Lord Warden is GlŘc da Dhi. Sir C.M. SiervicŘl is currently Governor-General.

Why don't you have a look at a map of CÚzembre?

Alexandreu Soleiglhfred

CÚzembre from the Shore

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