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La Funcziun
The Civil Service

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Officers of the Civil Service

  • The office of Commissioner of the Civil Service is currently vacant.

Mission of the Civil Service

The mission of the Royal Civil Service is to do absolutely nothing. Commissioner Ûnamind is wholeheartedly dedicated to fulfilling this royal charter.

Talossan Civil Servants

The Commissioner has not yet gotten around to naming new civil servants to assist in the performance of his duties. Go figure.

Applying to Join the Civil Service

Applications for positions in the Civil Service may be submitted directly to Commissioner Ûnamind, and are constantly being taken, in order that the Civil Service may grow in sufficient disproportion to the population. Applicants may expect to be considered for positions if and when the Commissioner gets around to it. Successful applicants will be listed on this Webpage at some indeterminate time thereafter, whenever the busy schedule of the do-nothing Commissioner might somehow allow him to do so.

Last modified: 06/04/12 08:11 PM