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The Uppermost Court | El Cort Pü Inalt

The three-member Uppermost Court (Cort pü Inalt) renders all judicial verdicts and interprets the laws, including the 1997 Organic Law. Its members are nominated by an act of the Ziu and this nomination must be approved by the Crown. Once approved, the justice is appointed and takes his place on the bench, and serves at the pleasure of the Ziu.

According to provisions of Organic Law, justices are required to wear appropriate judicial finery, including a judicial wig, when performing the business of the Court. Precedent has been established that draping a paper napkin over the judicial head is sufficient to meet this Organic requirement, although the Ziu has authorized that an actual powdered wig be given to the custody of the Senior Justice.

The Honourable Justices of the Court have the title Cadě del Cort Pü Inalt del Regipäts Talossan. The Justice having the longest tenure on the Court is known as the Senior Justice and directs the business of the Cort.

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In addition to provincial courts, the national Ziu has chartered one inferior court, the Magistrate's Court. Decisions of that court may be appealed to directly the Uppermost Court.

Cadins del Cort Pü Inalt | Justices of the Uppermost Court

Senior Justice Sir Tamorán dal Navâ, UrN
Puisne Justice Amiral Tímoţi Asmourescu, RN
Puisne Justice Ián Munditenens Tamorán

About Senior Justice dal Navâ

Senior Justice Tamorán dal Navâ became a citizen of the Kingdom of Talossa on 21 February 1998, and before the end of that year had begun a term as Prime Minister of the Kingdom. At that time, Gruber was a member of Talossa's legendary Progressive Conservative (PC) Party. Dal Navâ was knighted in August 2000 into Talossa's Order of the Nation (Urderi Per la Naziun). He served in the Talossan Cosa, Senate, in governmental positions including Attorney-General, in the Royal Household as Secretary of State, and sat as a Justice on Talossa's Uppermost Court. Having left the bench, he was restored to his seat and installed as Senior Justice on 31 May 2012. Justice dal Navâ holds the Lookout Fellowship in the College of Arms.

About Justice Asmourescu

Puisne Justice Tímoţi Asmourescu became a citizen of the Kingdom of Talossa on 22 December 2006, and rose through the ranks of the Royal Navy, becoming its ranking officer as Admiral. He served in government in such posts as Minister of Defence. He also served in both houses of the government, leaving his seat as Senator for Benito to be installed as Puisne Justice on 31 May 2012. Justice Asmourescu holds the Well-Met Fellowship in the College of Arms.

About Justice Tamorán

Puisne Justice Ián Tamorán became a citizen of the Kingdom of Talossa on 21 September 2010. His interests in Talossan culture and life include the language, and he holds a voting membership in the Comitŕ per l'Útzil del Glheţ. Justice Tamorán was installed as Puisne Justice on 31 May 2012.

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