The Kingdom of Talossa


El Distin
The Deputy Prime Minister

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The office of Distain is held by The Right Honourable Pl d'Aurburg. The office of Distain was established by Article XII, Section 8 of The Organic Law of Talossa. The Distain is charged with "act(ing) in the place of the Seneschal if the latter should die, or be unable to fulfil his duties due to medical reasons or absence from the country, until a new Seneschal shall be appointed."

According to Talossan statutory law 36RZ17, the Distain is to "perform such duties as are delegated [to him] by the Seneschal." More or less, the Distain serves as the Seneschal's right hand man, and assists her in running the Executive Ministries. The Distain's exact duties may vary day to day depending on where help is needed within the government.

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