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El Livrt d'El Taloit d'Isiviglh
The Libretto of The Berber of Seville

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Librettists/Livrtirs: M Barn Tepist, Seghr Cresti Siervicl
Composers/Cunscriptors: Quedir Barn Castiglh, Nik Spyropoulos

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The Berber of Seville
An Opera In Three Acts
El Taloit d'Isiviglh
'N Oper da Tres ctsilor
Performers Actexri
Male principals Female principals
Seltsamt, tenor Chils, soprano
Nutz, bass Trambt, mezzo-soprano
Cascors, baritone
Xhrdi, falsetto (buffo caricato) Chorus
Mghs masleux Mghs femeglheux
Seltsamt, toad Chils, soprn
Nutz, bao Trambt, mezzo-soprn
Cascors, baritn
Xhrdi, falsetto (buffo caricato) Cor
Songs Canziuns
"The game will be exciting" - Chorus 1 "El mtsch ser eschitatorxheu" - Cor
"My friend Cascors" - Duet (Seltsamt and Cascors) 2 "V'amc Cascors" - Dut (Seltsamt s Cascors)
"Who are you?" - Solo (Nutz) 3 "Qi estetz?" - Soleu (Nutz)
"We are Berbers" - Solo (Seltsamt) 4 "Noi snt Taloits" - Soleu (Seltsamt)
"I wonder how I am doing" - Solo (Xhrdi) 5 "Underu come ben fau" - Soleu (Xhrdi)
"Should we sing now?" - Duet (Chils and Trambt) 6 "Fossent-noi cantitar nun?" - Dut (Chils s Trambt)
"There is Chils" - Trio (Seltsamt, Nutz, and Chils)7 "L hi isch Chils" - Troic (Seltsamt, Nutz, s Chils)
"Castile won the game" - Lament (Seltsamt and Chorus)8 "Castiglh gagheva el mtsch" - Arorn (Seltsamt s Cor)
"How sweetly he sings!" - Duet (Chils and Seltsamt) 9 "Tri duceumnt o cantita!" - Dut (Chils s Seltsamt)

ACT I. A Berber football field in Seville, Spain. CTS I. 'N er da futbol Taloit n Isiviglh, Espin.
(Chorus is milling around speaking to each other.) (La cor cuncerna s parla l'iens l'altreu.)
Chorus: The game will be exciting1 Cor: El mtsch ser eschitatorxheu
We are all here to watch2 Toct noi snt aici pr en vident
(repeat those lines eight times) (repeta dals batusts vuit ftsilor)
Berber football is exciting3 El futbol Taloit c' eschitatorxheu
We want it to begin4 Noi desirent en comenar
(repeat those lines eight times) (repeta dals batusts vuit ftsilor)
(Half the chorus sings one verse while the other sings the second.
Eight times. Then they join.)
(Cadasc mediet dal cor cantita viens dals versns. Vuit ftsilor. Aglhrc viensient.)
We have no doubt which team will win5 Noi non duvitent qualsevol esqip gagharha
Only one team rules our hearts6 Soleu viens esqip predia r coraziuns
(repeat those lines eight times) (repeta dals batusts vuit ftsilor)
(Enter Seltsamt with Cascors, arm in arm. Half the chorus shouts "Seville!" in response and claps him on the back, but the other half shout "Castile!" and the chorus begins throwing punches. As the chorus fights its way off the stage, Seltsamt and Cascors begin singing) (Seltsamt s Cascors entrent, brtsilor. Mediet dal cor crida "Isiviglh!" n rspns s cjada Seltsamt com'iens ereu, ms l'altreu mediet crida "Castiglh!", s la cor comena combatar corputz--corputz. Qund q la cor combata s uschita l statx, Seltsamt s Cascors comenent cantitar.)
SONG 2 - DUET (Seltsamt and Cascors) CANZIUN 2 - DUT (Seltsamt s Cascors)
Seltsamt: My friend Cascors, why are football fans hooligans?1 Seltsamt: V'amc Cascors, prqt els fntici snt dals tepists?
Cascors: My friend Seltsamt, why are hooligans football fans?2 Cascors: V'amc Seltsamt, prqt las tepists snt dels fntici?
Both: I don't know, I don't know, don't ask me again. 3 Dut: Eu non sp, eu non sp, eu non sp, non me zemandetz 'n altreu fts!
Seltsamt: My friend the keeper, are you ready for the game?4 Seltsamt: V'amc el kmpfir, isch-t preparat pr el mtsch?
Cascors: My friend, the quebec, are you ready for the game?5 Cascors: V'amc el quebec, isch-t preparat pr el mtsch?
Both: I sure am, I sure am, don't ask me again. 6 Dut: Da c'hrsic! Da c'hrsic! Non me zemandetz 'n altreu fts!
Seltsamt: My friend, shall we repeat what we just said?7 Seltsamt: V'amc, repetarhent-noi qt noi viennent de zirar?
Cascors: Yes we shall, my friend, in true operatic fashion.8 Cascors: c, noi repetarhent, v'amc, l mod vrts dal oper.
(Repeat four times. On the fourth time, the last two lines change.) (Repeta qator ftsilor. Escuntr qatorlaiset fts, el fm dal vers finl cambia.)
Seltsamt: Do you think they have the point yet?9 Seltsamt: Penss-t q os noi dtx cumprencent?
Cascors: Let us make double sure!10 Cascors: Q noi snt ausolmnt sigr!
(Seltsamt steps away, faces audience.) (Seltsamt aloigha, fa l'audien.)
Seltsamt: My name is Seltsamt11 Seltsamt: Va nmin c' Seltsamt,
and I am the quebec of the Seville Dreamers,12 s eu snt el quebec dels Somnirs d'Isiviglh,
which is a Berber Football team13 qi isch 'n esqip da futbol Taloit
here in Seville, which is in Spain.14 aici n Isiviglh, qi isch n Espin.
Cascors: And I am Cascors, his friend.15 Cascors: s va nmin c' Cascors, sieu amc.
I am the keeper on his team.16 Eu snt el kmpfir da sieu esqip.
We are both ready for the game.17 Noi snt emb preparat pr el mtsch.
Seltsamt: Oh, and I forgot to mention18 Seltsamt: Oho, s eu obliveu menziunar
that I am in love19 q eu amu
with the girl in the halftime show.20 La crian del itervl.
(Cascors joins Seltsamt) (Cascors viensia Seltsamt)
Cascors: But you will find that all out later.21 Cascors: Ms voi en staxarhetz p schpit.
Don't worry.22 Non se questetz.
We will repeat it a great many times. 23 Noi en repetarhent mlts ftsilor.
(The chorus fights its way back onto the stage and then back off the other side, yelling "Seville!" and "Castile" back and forth. Enter Nutz during the exit of the chorus. The Castile fans clap him on the back. Seville fans boo him.) (La cor entra s uschita, combata, crida "Isiviglh!" s "Castiglh!" Entra Nutz drnt el sort dal cor. Fntici dal esqip da Castiglh o cjadent com'iens ereu. Fntici dal esqip d'Isiviglh lo derident.)
SONG 3 - SOLO (Nutz)
(soleu la meldi)>
(Nutz sees Seltsamt and Cascors) (Nutz avista Seltsamt s Cascors)
Nutz: Who are you? Who are you? I ask you who you are.1 Nutz: Qi estetz? Qi estetz? Eu zemandu vhoi qi estetz.
My question to you, which I ask at this time, is who are you?2 Va frag pr voi, q eu zemandu nun, c' qi estetz?
I do not know who you are, so I ask you who you are.3 Eu non sp qi estetz, aglhrc eu zemandu qi estetz
The thing I wish to know,4 La cos q eu volt spar,
when looking at you,5 qund q eu voi risguardu,
whom I do not know,6 qi eu non conheu,
is who are you? 7 c' qi estetz?
(Repeat four times, pointing at them often, and shrugging his shoulders to the audience) (Repeta qator ftsilor, pntand lhor sovnt, s tzucannd l'audien.)
SONG 4 - SOLO (Seltsamt) CANZIUN 4 - SOLEU (Seltsamt)
Seltsamt: We are Berbers1 Seltsamt: Noi snt Taloits
Apparently while you were offstage you were not paying attention.2 C' cumpts q t non noi cunevs qund q t'estevs xhd del statx.
We said many times who we are.3 Noi zirevent cudins qi noi snt.
Also, you seem not to have bothered reading anyone else's songs.4 Ocs, a non sembls q t tent empitschesc lirar las canziuns d'ienviens d'altr.
But just so you know, we are the quebec and the keeper of the Seville Dreamers 5 Ms eu te zu q noi snt el quebec s el kmpfarir dels Somnirs d'Isiviglh
Which your team, the Castile Poets, is playing today.6 Els contr qi t esqip, las Quedirs de Castiglh, xharha i ziu.
The game is Berber football. Perhaps you've heard of it?7 La xh c' futbol Taloit. Fortis en conhes-t?
At halftime, there is opera, and I'm in love with the soprano.8 l'itervl, ja oper, s eu amu la soprn.
(Repeat those two lines eight times; the chorus, fighting back and forth, join in singing these lines, changing "I'm in love" to "He's in love" and pointing at Seltsamt when they sing it) (Repeta vuit ftsilor; la cor, qi combata recuavl, viensia n cantitnd las batistas, cambind "eu amu" "o ama" s pntand Seltsamt qund q cantita.)
So now that you know who we are, you should probably sing something about you.9 Aglhrc, par q t noi conhes nun, t fost cantitar qualse'cos ver dt.
But since this is one of my longer songs, I will sing it for you.10 Ms par q c' viens de va canziuns p suvlnc, eu en cantitarhu pr dt.
(Repeat those two lines four times) (Repeta qator ftsilor.)
You are Nutz. You are Nutz. You are Nutz.11 T isch Nutz. T isch Nutz. T isch Nutz.
The most feared quebec in the land.12 El quebec el p temnat n la tzar.
You're mean and nasty and we want the audience to hate you.13 T isch micrspic'h s schloc, s noi desirent q l'audien te haarha.
So it will help us all if you do not sing well.14 Aglhrc schi t non cntadrs ben, a atxutadra noi toct.
You are Nutz. You are Nutz. You are Nutz. 15 T isch Nutz. T isch Nutz. T isch Nutz.
(Repeat those five lines eight times) (Repeta vuit ftsilor.)
(As the song ends, Nutz steps forward and shouts in a deep bass) (Qund la cant termina, Nutz impeita s crida n vce bao graviuschl)
Nutz: Yes, I am Nutz.16 Nutz: c, eu snt Nutz.
And I am in love with the soprano too!17 s eu amu la soprn ocs!

ACT II. The same field. CTS II. L'er mismeu.
(The field is a mess. The halftime show is over. Chils and Trambt sit center stage. The chorus is applauding and calling for encores, but the applause fades, and Xhrdi enters, with the white fedora and white longcoat of a Berber football referee, wearing dark glasses and carrying a white cane. When performed as Grand Opera, he is also led by a harnessed guide dog for the blind. He stumbles and bumps into a great many things as he sings.) (L'er isch 'n gac'hisch. La representaziun del itervl isch finischat. Chils s Trambt sestevent l centreu del statx. La cor aclameva s piedeva nas encores, ms l'aplau fadeva, s Xhrdi entra, cn el capu bianu s l'abt da trance bianu d'iens arbitor del futbol Taloit, apoartnd spectacleux auscr s vectidnd 'n can bianu. Qund actat com'iens oper grlt, ocs o isch dciat pr'iens caciun forir dn crupi. O estropiea s bmpa ls coss plrs.)
SONG 5 - SOLO (Xhrdi) CANZIUN 5 - SOLEU (Xhrdi)
Xhrdi: I wonder how I'm doing1 Xhrdi: Underu come ben fau
I wonder who's ahead2 Underu qi'st piustr
I wonder if, at the end of the game3 Underu schi, l fm dal xh
I'll be alive or dead
4 Seru mortesc eda vhid
I wonder if the game is tough5 Underu schi la xh isch nfil
To see from in the stands6 vidar daduv'st la fol
It's hard enough to see down here7 C' ai nfil vidar daici
Using only the cane in my hands
8 Qund vu solamnt cn va can
I wonder if I stumble 'round 9 Underu schi estropieu rotatm
And hit things with my cane 10 s frapu coss cn va bastn
If the soprano will think I'm sexy11 Schi la soprn credarha q eu snt caldeu, s
And sweetly tell me about the game
12 A me zirarha dal mtsch n duceu tn
I wonder if she likes a man13 Underu schi a ama 'n vr
Who cannot see her there 14 Qi non la pt l hi vidar
(For I'm supposed to make you think 15 (Par q eu snt suposat persuaar vhoi
I'm blind, in case you care)
16 Q eu snt orp, n gCau da voi sueghar)
I think Castile is winning 17 Cru q Castiglh gaghara
Seville fans sure boo loud 18 Fntici d'Isiviglh me derident
But a loss will be their keeper's fault19 Ms os blamarhent lor kmpfarir
If I know this drunk crowd
20 Schi conheu a fol merulnt
I wonder if you think I'm blind21 Underu schi credetz q eu snt orp
If so, I've met my goal22 Schi c, frapveu va pnt
Because next opera, damn it all23 Par q, n oper proxim, fost!
I want a bigger role24 Desiru 'n rosl mprtnt
(Xhrdi exits, leaving Chils and Trambt at center stage.) (Xhrdi uschita, land Chils s Trambt l centreu del statxl centreu del statx.)
SONG 6 - DUET (Chils and Trambt) CANZIUN 6 - DUT (Chils s Trambt)
Chils: Should we sing now?1 Chils: Fossent-noi cantitar nun?
Trambt (echoing): Maybe maybe maybe maybe2 Trambt (n sintzor): S'star s'star s'star s'star
Chils: Do you think3 Chils: Penss't q
this was the first opera ever4 c' l'nprmis oper
with no females in the entire first act?5 snc frlor n el prm cts totl?
Trambt (echoing): Maybe maybe maybe maybe 6 Trambt (n sintzor): S'star s'star s'star s'star
Chils: Do you think7 Chils: Penss't q
we should appeal8 noi fossent apialar
to the Minister of Women's Affairs?9 l Ministreu dels Afes dallas Femns?
Trambt (echoing): Maybe maybe maybe maybe10 Trambt (n sintzor): S'star s'star s'star s'star
Chils: But now we are on stage,11 Chils: Ms noi snt nun sr el statx,
and the men are not.12 s els vrs non snt.
Do you think this is good? 13 Penss't q c' ben?
Trambt (echoing): Maybe maybe maybe maybe14 Trambt (n sintzor): S'star s'star s'star s'star
Chils: Do you think15 Chils: Penss't q
we should introduce ourselves to the audience,16 noi fossent noi ntroduar l'audien,
like the men did?17 squasi faevent els vrs?
Trambt (echoing): Maybe maybe maybe maybe 18 Trambt (n sintzor): S'star s'star s'star s'star
Chils: Or should we19 Chils: Schin fossent-noi
give them more credit,20 aumar q os tiennent entent-t,
and expect them to be able to read their programs?21 s expectar q povent lirar lor propreux descriis?
Trambt (echoing): Maybe maybe maybe maybe22 Trambt (n sintzor): S'star s'star s'star s'star
Chils: Will they know23 Chils: Sperent-os
which of the two of us is the soprano 24 qualsevol dal dou dad ns isch la soprn
that the rivals are both in love with? 25 qi toct i cioveci ament?
Trambt (echoing): Maybe maybe maybe maybe26 Trambt (n sintzor): S'star s'star s'star s'star
Chils: To make sure,27 Chils: Pr noi en faxar,
should one of us sing in a very low voice,28 fost-viens dad ns cantitar n vce tri graviuschl,
which cannot possibly be soprano?29 q non pt poivlmnt estar soprn?
Trambt (in an extremely low voice): Maybe maybe maybe maybe!30 Trambt (n vce tri graviuschl): S'star s'star s'star s'star!
(Enter Cascors and Seltsamt on the left, Nutz on the right) (Entrent Cascors s Seltsamt l sinistr, Nutz l drept.)
SONG 7 - TRIO (Seltsamt, Nutz, and Chils) CANZIUN 7 - TROIC (Seltsamt, Nutz, s Chils)
(During this song, Cascors and Trambt slowly get together and begin to play cards.) (Drnt la canziun, Cascors s Trambt se cuntratxent bielplnc s xhent ls carts.)
Seltsamt (pointing): There is Chils, my love, who sang at halftime1 Seltsamt (pntaar): L hi isch Chils, v'ameasc, qi cantiteva l'itervl
Nutz (pointing): My heart has been captured by that lovely maiden2 Nutz (pntaar): Va coraziun tent estesc captrad par aceast xhuvencul ameasc.
Chils: I sit here with my friend, and the men can each see me, yet I do not see them. 3 Chils: Sestu aici cn v'ami, s els ciovecs povent me vidar, ms non lor vi
Seltsamt: She sits there, completely unaware that I am so near4 Seltsamt: A sesta l, nsentznt phnt q eu snt s proxim
Nutz: I am close to her, yet she does not see me5 Nutz: Eu snt c'host d'i, ms a non me va
Chils: They are on either side of the stage, and I in the middle, yet I do not see them 6 Chils: Os stnt l dou sids del statx, s eu stu l centreu, isch non lor vu.
Seltsamt: If only she would turn her head, I think she would notice me.7 Seltsamt: Schi a torniadra el cps, pensu q me trac'hadra
Nutz: I wonder if throwing something at her would work.8 Nutz: Eu undereu schi xhetar qualse'cos i rbhtadra.
Chils: Turning my head won't help, and please don't throw anything at me.9 Chils: Torniar va cps non aistarha, s prf non xheta ienc'hos mhe.
Seltsamt: You would think she could see me. She must be blind. 10 Seltsamt: Si pensadra q a me povadra avistar. A fost estar orp.
Nutz: Did you catch the foreshadowing with that referee song?11 Nutz: Trac'hevetz el zemi-mhoct etric dal canziun del arbitor?
Chils: Also, I am to make you believe that I cannot hear them either. 12 Chils: Ocs, eu fost voi persuaar q eu non pvar lor scdar.
Seltsamt: She is blind to our love. It is a theater trick. An analogy, if you will.13 Seltsamt: A isch orp r amr. En isch 'n trif etric. 'N analoxh, schi cumprencarhetz
Nutz: She is sitting on the same stage, yet she has no idea we are here.14 Nutz: A sesta sr el statx mismeu, isch a non sp da thoct q noi snt aici.
Chils: And you, Nutz, are not supposed to know Seltsamt is over there either.15 Chils: s t, Nutz, non suposat sps q Seltsamt isch l hi.
Seltsamt: And also, you are singing far too well. The audience might like you.16 Seltsamt: s ocs, t cantits tr ben. Sstar q l'audien t'amarha.
Nutz: I am sorry. I will sing worse from now on. 17 Nutz: Va c'hup! Cantitarhu pir avestar.
Chils: It will not matter to us, though, for remember, we cannot hear you.18 Chils: Non en sperent nhoi. Sovennetz q noi non povent t'scdar.
Seltsamt: And we cannot see you either. Even though somehow you and I can both see Chils.19 Seltsamt: Ni noi non povent te vidar. vno qualsevej t s eu povent vidar i.
Nutz: Okay, I think this song is long enough now.20 Nutz: D'acrd, eu pensu q aceast canziun isch ai suvlnc.
Chils: Yes, I think we repeated our positions fairly completely.21 Chils: c, cru q repetevent r posiziuns squasi compltsmnt
Seltsamt: Oh, how I love her!22 Seltsamt: Ac'h, com'eu l'ameu!
Nutz: Oh, how I love her! 23 Nutz: Ac'h, com'eu l'ameu!
Chils: Oh, how I wish I could hear them!24 Chils: Ac'h, com'eu vladreu q eu pt lor scdar!

ACT III. A bench on the same field. CTS III. 'N banc n l'er mismeu.
(Seltsamt sits alone, hanging his head. The chorus moves around arguing.) (Seltsamt sesta soleu s spndra sieu cps. La cor se muditzia s prucjirita.)
SONG 8 - LAMENT (Seltsamt and Chorus) CANZIUN 8 - ARORN (Seltsamt s Cor)
Seltsamt: Castile won the game.1 Seltsamt: Castiglh gagheva el mtsch.
Nutz might not be able to sing, but he can play football.2 S'star Nutz non pt cantitar, ms o pt xhtar futbol.
But really, it was Cascors's fault.3 Ms vrtsmnt, c'esteva Cascors s'cup.
Chorus: Yes, Cascors lost it for us.4 c, Cascors en piereva pr ns.
He won't be in this act.5 O non ser n acest cts.
He is off getting drunk.6 O isch t zevient potacglh.
Seltsamt: Then after the game, 7 Seltsamt: Aglhrc ospri el matsch,
Chils professed her love to Nutz.8 Chils profeeva sieu amr pr Nutz.
It turns out she is shallow.9 a abosta q a isch srficel.
Chorus: Or maybe it was Seltsamt.10 Cor: Eda s'star c'esteva Seltsamt.
He played while sick with love.11 O xheva qund q o ft clav d'amr.
No, never mind. It was Cascors.12 Non, non pr dt. C'esteva Cascors.
Seltsamt: So I will leave this place.13 Seltsamt: Aglhrc eu laarhu acest plts.
I will cross the wide ocean.14 Eu traverarhu l'ocen amplex.
No more will I be the Berber of Seville.15 Non seru non p el Taloit d'Isiviglh.
Chorus: The referee screwed us too; he must be blind.16 L'arbitor screweva ns ocs; o fost estar orp.
But in the end, it was Cascors.17 Ms n fm, c'esteva Cascors.
Let us find him and kill him.18 Laent-noi l'anflar s l'aucidar.
Seltsamt: I will follow the path of my ancestors.19 Seltsamt: Sovarhu el paeu da v'anceisors
Ahmed and Marico, the sons of Asbad20 Ahmed s Marico, els figlheux d'Asbad
Who dared to seek their fortune21 Qi desfisevent quairar lhor fortn
Chorus: Yesterday Cascors was our hero.22 Cor: Iiri Cascors ft r ereu.
Today, we must hunt him down and kill him.23 Oxhi, noi fossent lo vidar s l'aucidar.
Who will volunteer to become our new keeper?24 Qi aivuceva zevienar r noveu kmpfir?
Seltsamt: I will seek the Berber Shangri-La.25 Seltsamt: Quairarhu la tzar da promi Taloit.
Where I will fall in love26 Dove partetxarhu l'amr
With a mermaid from the Talossan Sea27 Cn 'n mar-sirian dal Mar Talossn
Instead of that tramp Chils.28 Anstad d'aceast gar Chils.
(The chorus links arms and dances a high-kick) (La cor quapta sieu brtsilor s dana 'n cop da ped nalt)
Chorus: Oh, we're the boys in the chorus.29 Cor: Oh, noi snt els garziuns dal cor
We hope you liked our show.30 Noi esperent q amevetz r piceu
We know you're rooting for us.31 Noi sapent q aclametz pr ns
But now we have to go.32 Ms nun noi fossent ir
(The chorus exits in a murderous rage) (La cor uschita n 'n saivi ntremptorxheu)
Seltsamt: I will discover my own mythical origins.33 Seltsamt: Eu ziscovrarhu va propreu urixhs mici
These Spaniards think I'm crazy34 Acestilors d'Espin credent q eu snt fl
To think the world is round35 Pr credar q la tzar isch rond
But what do they know?36 Ms qt spent-os?
They have shallow tramps for womenfolk.37 Os tiennent gars srficeis pr femns.
SONG 9 - DUET (Chils and Seltsamt) CANZIUN 9 - DUT (Chils s Seltsamt)
(Enter Chils, unseen) (Chils entra nvidesc)
Chils: How sweetly he sings! What sweet words!1 Chils: Tri duceumnt o cantita! Cacs mocts duceux!
Seltsamt: Am I supposed to see you over there?2 Seltsamt: Suposat te vu l hi?
Chils: No, not yet.3 Chils: Non. Non nun.
Seltsamt: Fine. So I just keep singing? 4 Seltsamt: Br. Aglhrc simplamnt continuu cantitar?
Chils: Yes. Such sweet sounds.5 Chils: c. Cacs sons duceux!
Seltsamt: Where was I?6 Seltsamt: Dove ft-eu?
Chils: You were calling me a shallow tramp7 Chils: T me nomins com'iens gar srficel.
Seltsamt (turning to audience): I have sworn off love forever. 8 Seltsamt (o tornia l'audien): Eu xhurveu q non ienviens amarhu nunc.
Chils: His voice captivates me9 Chils: Sieu vce me captra
Seltsamt: Until I meet a nice mermaid, of course.10 Seltsamt: Txusc viestretscharhu 'n mar-sirian smp, ben sigr.
Chils: His hopes and dreams are pouring forth onto my bosom.11 Chils: Sieu ispux s sieu rivs verent ver v'ascr.
Seltsamt: So now I leave Seville, home of the cruelest woman on earth12 Seltsamt: Aglhrc nun eu lau Isiviglh, el domeu dal p crusl fr dal tzar.
Chils: His heart is full of love.13 Chils: Sieu coraziun isch pin d'amr.
Seltsamt: And I hope I never see her again.14 Seltsamt: s esperu q non la vu nunc.
Chils: I love this man. I am so over Nutz. 15 Chils: Eu amu acest ciovec. Eu finischveu da Nutz.
Seltsamt: I burnt her house down after the game.16 Seltsamt: Eu brenveu sieu cas ospri la xh.
Chils: He says the nicest things.17 Chils: O za las p smps coss!
Seltsamt: I hope she rots in hell.18 Seltsamt: Eu esperu q a gastarha n encid!
Chils: My love, Seltsamt, my love!! 19 Chils: V'amr, Seltsamt, v'amr!!
Seltsamt: I see my boat arriving. Now I leave Seville.20 Seltsamt: Eu vu q va vail cica. Nun eu lau Isiviglh.
Chils: Remember, when you stand up, that is when you see me.21 Chils: Sovennetz, qund q t srgs, t m'avists.
Seltsamt: I remember, woman, I remember. 22 Seltsamt: Eu en sovennu, femn, eu en sovennu.
(rises, sees Chils) (El s'ala, s avista Chils)
Chils: Oh! Seltsamt! I love you!23 Chils: Oho! Seltsamt! Eu t'amu!
Seltsamt: If you say so.24 Seltsamt: Schi t en za.
I am going to the Berber Shangri-La,25 Eu vu l tzar da promi Taloit,
want to come with me?26 Volt t'ir l hi cn me?
Chils: I'm supposed to say no,27 Chils: Eu snt suposat zirar non,
but then follow you off stage28 ms te sovar xhd del statx ospri
so the audience can wonder. 29 svo a l'audien pt underar.
Seltsamt: Whatever. 30 Seltsamt: Qtevri.
(Exit Seltsamt, followed shortly by Chils.) (Seltsamt uschita, parsequitat enscrtz par Chils.)

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