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Welcome to the Home Page of the Gremiour Talossan dels Zesegneirs Telaragneschti (the Talossan Web Designers' Guild), an unofficial but astonishingly important part of Talossa.

The Grand Poobah (El Puba?) of the Guild is Ma la Mha. The Guild membership currently consists of:

If you can join the Guild and help with the Website, please do. Or, if you have any updates you would like to see made on the site, but don't have the knowledge to do them yourself, contact a Guild member and ask nicely.

The Guild's current to-do list includes (don't let this scare you -- please join the Guild and help!):

  • A comprehensive Talossan Language page, with all the available materials on the language, and links to Talossan language pages on other sites
  • Better maps of the provinces in the GTA
  • Better navigation around the Website
  • An A-to-Z of the Kingdom of Talossa, answering such questions as "What is a VOC?", "What's a Cestour?", "Who is this guy Ben I keep hearing about?"
  • An improved Contact-Us page
  • Links to the Packers, Brewers, Gloria, etc.
  • A page of Cort documents, with special attention to notable cases (like Erni v. Talossa)
  • A site-wide Search facility
  • A site map
  • A historical timeline of Talossa
  • A Photo Album
  • Photographs on the individual Citizen pages
  • A FAQ
  • Instructions on how to get a Wittenberg account set up, and how to use your account once it's there
  • More standardized internal page-names
  • The ability to view Webpages in either the Talossan or the English language.
  • A tool to notify the Poobah whenever a page changes, so that he can check for vandalism, obscenity, and so on

Last modified: 06/04/12 08:11 PM