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If you are a Talossan and you wish to create your own Webpage or set of Webpages here at the Kingdom's Website, your first step is to contact the leader of the GTZT to request a personal user name and password to allow you to log in to the Site Adminitration area of this Website. When you click on the "Site Administration" link here at the Website, you can log in with the user name and password provided to you.

You will then see an area where you can type text that will become a new Webpage. This area is prefilled with a page.title() function-call. You need to leave that there -- but you will want to change the text that is within the quotation marks between the parentheses, so that it is the title for the Webpage you are creating.

Also pre-filled in the text area is some "This Page Is Under Construction" text (in both Talossan and English). You will want to ERASE all that and instead type there whatever it is you want for the contents of the Webpage. As you work on the page, you can use the "Preview" button to see how it looks at any given time.

When you hit the "Save Final" button, your new Webpage is up and running, on the site. All that remains is to have your page linked in (contact the Scribe or any member of the Talossan Web Designer's Guild to make that happen), and soon enough, your name on the Citizens page will be linked so that when people looking at that page click on your name, they will be sent to your newly-created Webpage.

You can always make changes to any page you have created. A list of the pages that you can edit shows up in a pulldown menu for you when you are logged into the Site Administration pages. Just choose any page from that list, and its current contents will be shown to you for editing.

Beneath the colon-greater-than sign (which, you will see, comes AFTER the "page.title()" function call), you will want to type HTML. In case you are not familiar with HTML, here are the most useful basic things you should know to help you create your first page.

To indicate the start of a new paragraph, simply type:


To create a bulleted list:

<li>first bulleted item
<li>second bulleted item
<li>third bulleted item

If you change the <ul> (which means "Unordered List") to an <ol> (which means "Ordered List"), then instead of bullets, the items will be numbered (1, 2, 3,...).

To create a link that goes somewhere when it is clicked on:

<a href=addressOfTheWebpageToGoTo>click here to go there</a>

Most of the links you create, though, will probably be to send people to other pages here on the Kingdom's site (remember: you can create more than one page -- have a whole subsite of pages all about you if you want!). You create links to other pages here in a special way -- you will need to do so like this:

<a href=PAGE:nameOfThePage>click here to go there</a>

You can upload graphics or anything else using the "Upload Something" button. You can choose a subfolder to upload it into, or you can just upload it into the so-called "root" folder, which is called simply "/" -- you will see what I mean when you go to the "Upload Something" page.

If you want to show, on your page, an image that you uploaded to the "root" folder, that is simple:

<img src=NameOfUploadedFile>

If instead you uploaded the file into a subfolder called "culture" (which is one of the many subfolders that is currently there for you to use), the HTML on your page will be something like this:

<img src=culture/NameOfUploadedFile>

If you would like to have a new subfolder created for you to upload items into, just contact the Scribe.

With just that much knowledge now inside your head, you know enough to be dangerous. You are more than welcome to use any other HTML (or Javascript, or even Python language code) that you currently know or may happen to learn.

Remember, the Talossan Web Designer's Guild is ready and eager to help you in any and every way. Please do not hesitate to contact us, or better yet, to join us.

Last modified: 06/04/12 08:11 PM