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In Nazare■

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"In Nazare■" is an original Christmas carol telling the story of the Annunciation, written in the Talossan language by Ma Baron la Mha in November of 2008. The music was composed by Laura Donahue.

Sung (if you can call it that) by the lyricist

In Nazare■

In Nazare■, l'amaršol,
L'oratsch in Galilý,
L'artschßinxhell Gavrial
Praizirev'iens idilý

O veneva Ó MarÝa,
La minim fianšada
D'Ups del DavÝu sŔ ca,
Es zireva, "Non trembla."

O zireva, "íGraitinds Ó thu!
íEl Domnul isch cŘn dtu!
Nascarhßs 'n figlheu.
Lo nominarhßs Iesu.

"Tu isch zilact par DÝeu.
Tu pruostoc'h serÓ grŘlt.
Toct Lo nominarhent
El Figlheu del PŘ Inalt.

El ■roneu da DavÝu
DÝeu zonarha Ó Lo.
Es sŘr del ca da Txec
└l fim r÷inarha-t-O."

MarÝa, a l'as'cheva:
"┐Com'Úu put nascarh?
Cair eu sint 'n vierxha;
Non tignoveu procriat."

L'ßinxhell la rezireva:
"El Spritz Sant ischÓ.
Par el pevarh del DÝeu
Tu serßs suvelada.

"L'iens qi serÓ pronaveu
Nominarha el figlheu
Da DhÝeu StešÚu.
Toct isch poušival cŘn DÝeu.

"C'e vrńts qe tu sangeiša
ErschÚve■ nascarha
In sieu anositÓ,
Isch¨ steril esteva."

MarÝa lo zireva:
"Sint-Úu la famul.
Qe c'estadra Ó mhe
Com'el pedit del Domnul."

Es osprei noua mesen
Del nic'ht in Galilý
Pastours ŘscŘdevent
Del Meschic'ha, 'n idilý,

Quand toct da Sieu creaziun
Es Gavrial sŔ cor
Es coras celestiais
Proclamevent Sieu amor.

In Nazareth

In Nazareth, the holy place,
The town in Gallilee,
The Archangel Gabriel
Foretold a newborn child.

He came to Mary,
The humble fiancÚe
Of Joseph of David's house,
And said, "Fear not."

He said, "Greetings to you!
The Lord is with you!
You will give birth to a son.
You shall name Him Jesus.

"You are favoured by God.
Your first-born will be great.
All will call Him
The son of the Most High.

The throne of David
God will give to Him.
And over the house of Jacob
Forever will He reign."

Mary, she asked him,
"How can I give birth?
For I am a virgin;
I have not conceived."

The angel answered her:
"The Holy Spirit will come.
By the power of God
Will you be overshadowed.

"The one who will be born
Will be called the son
Of God Himself.
All is possible with God.

"It is true that your relative
Elizabeth will give birth
In her old age,
And yet she was barren."

Mary told him:
"I am the servant of God.
May it be to me
As is the will of the Lord."

And after nine months
From the night in Galillee,
Shepherds heard
Of the Messiah, a newborn child

When all of His creation
And Gabriel's horn
And heavenly choirs
Proclaimed His love.

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