The Kingdom of Talossa


El Cort dels Edilicieux
The Magistrate's Court

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The Magistrate's Court, authorized by Talossan stautory law 39RZ18, consists of not less than two and no more than three Magistrates for the trial of all cases arising under the laws of the Kingdom of Talossa, both civil and criminal. Since Article XVI, Section 2 of the Organic Law mandates that all courts must have an odd number of judges, though, this means that exactly three magistrates must sit on the court. As with the Uppermost Court, members of the Magistrate's Court are nominated by a resolution of the Ziu and this nomination must be approved by the Crown.

Decisions of the Magistrate's Court may be appealed to the Uppermost Court.

Magistrates Seated on the Court

Chief Magistrate Owen Edwards
Magistrate Martì Prevuost
Magistrate Béneditsch Ardpresteir

About Chief Magistrate Edwards

His Honour the Chief Magistrate Owen Edwards sponsored the act of the Ziu that chartered the Magistrate's Court, and served as its first Chief Magistrate, before leaving the Court. He was reappointed to the post on 23 May 2012.

About Magistrate Prevuost

His Honour Magistrate Prevuost, a former Member of the Cosa, has been an active participant in judicial affairs, presenting a friend of the court brief in defence of the Government in a matter before the Magistracy.

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