The Kingdom of Talossa


Provinš¨ da Maricopa
Maricopa Province

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Maricopa welcomes you!

What with us bumped up against the gentle flow of the river (see map), here in Maricopa, we boast of having the best climate in the Kingdom. A visit to our fair province will convince you too: the weather is nicer in Maricopa than anywhere else in Talossa. I mean, we don't want to make the other provinces feel bad or anything, but hey, you can't argue with Mother Nature, and she has blessed Maricopa. Except when it rains or snows or something, but at least when it doesn't, we get some pretty good weather here. You really should come see.

We are also the home of Talossa's own boys of summer, the Maricopa Brewers. Maybe that's because our summertime weather is so nice.

Of course, I myself live down in Oklahoma, but hey, I hear there's sometimes nice weather in Maricopa, and if you can't trust the Governor-General of the place, who can you trust.

Sir Iustý Canun
Governadeir-Xheneral dal Provinš¨ Maricopa

Last modified: 06/04/12 08:11 PM