The Kingdom of Talossa


Ministr da Zefen
Ministry of Defence

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Individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.
- Cestour Vince Lombardi, Coach of the Florencia Packers.

The Ministry of Defence was established by Article XII of the Organic Law. The duties of the office are to be in charge of the armed and moral forces of the Kingdom during peacetime and during times of declared war. To accomplish this mission, the Ministry of Defence oversees the Bureau of the Navy, the Royal Guard, the Primary Intelligence Group and several Defence offices. The Ministry of Defence strives to carry on the great traditions of our north African ancestor, Hannibal Barca.

While Talossa doesn't have a militia, the Ministry of Defence believes that all citizens should be ready to act in times of emergency, civil unrest and war. All citizens are encouraged to participate in the monthly training exercises run by the Ministry.

The Bureau of the Navy
On 30 November 1987, "The Glorious (but Unarmed) Royal Fleet Act" [6RC57] officially created the Royal Talossan Navy/El Mar Rexhital Talossan. The Monarch is the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy, and the Admiral oversees all of the Navy's daily operations.

From those early days of naval service, five bedrock principles have carried on to today. These five principles form the Navy Creed: Duty, Loyalty, Courage, Commitment, and Honour.

The Royal Talossan Navy offers many chances for the best and brightest of Talossa to advance their skills and serve their King. Join today!

The Office of Private Adventures
Talossan Statute 35RZ30 authorizes the Ministry of Defence to issue letters of marque and reprisal to Talossan citizens who have or who can obtain the use of private naval vessels. Note that neither Talossa nor the surrounding USA signed the 1856 "Declaration of Paris", where the topic of privateering was decided. The Office of Private Adventures is the official bureaucracy charged with issuing, commissioning, tracking, accounting and disposition as required by law.

Grupa Primar del Spenu
(The Primary Intelligence Group)
The modern world is a dangerous place, and someone must lead the shadowy fight to preserve truth, justice and the Talossan way. The Primary Intelligence Group is Talossa's agency for leading this fight. Due to the clandestine nature of the work performed by the GPS, many of their victories are won in secret.

Els Zuavs da l'Altahal Rexhital
(The Zouaves of the Royal Bodyguard)
For the King! For the Guard! Known for their snappy Zouave uniforms, their enormous moustaches, their elan, their esprit and their tubas, the Royal Guard seem to be almost irresistible to members of the opposite sex. Click here to learn more about Talossa's top internal security force.

The Office of Personnel and Internal Affairs
Safety first. While the rest of the Talossan military is defending our borders and our King, someone needs to be watching out for internal security concerns. The OPIA is tasked with security clearances for diplomats and other high level civil servants, internal military security and securing protected data. Personnel are selected from the ranks of the Zuavs and Royal Talossan Navy as well as civilians with specialized skills.
Click here for an explanation of this system.
22-APR-07: "X" appointed Zirecteir del Spenu (Intelligence Director.)
26-JUL-08: Defence Minister Sir Trotx Betiir submits his resignation at TalossaWest.
31-JUL-08: Defence Minister Capitan Tmoi Asmourescu is appointed by the King and assumes office.
17-FEB-09: Defence Minister Capitan Tmoi Asmourescu resigns his office, effective 20 FEB.
21-FEB-09: Defence Minister Bradley Holmes assumes office
21-NOV-11: Tmoi Asmourescu appointed Admiral of the Navy
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