The Kingdom of Talossa


Ministrà dels Afaes Inphätseschti
The Ministry of Home Affairs

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The current Home Minister is the Right Honourable Danihel Meriula. The Home Minister heads up the Ministry of Home Affairs, and is one of the officers of the Cabinet serving the Seneschal of Talossa.

Talossan Statute 36RZ17 ("The Cabinet Refinishing Act") formally established the Ministry of Home Affairs, stating that the Home Minister is responsible for the "order and well-being of the homeland and its evirons." The Minister is also required to provide a public presence in or near the Greater Talossan Area in order to offer any government assistance in the orginisation of Living Cosas, and of the annual TalossaFest celebration.

There is one bureau under the Home Affairs Ministry -- the Bureau of Cestour Affairs, which tends to the interests of Cestours within the GTA. This bureau would be staffed with "bureaucrats known as C'huescours (or 'Binchis'), who shall see to it that the interests of Cestours within the homeland receive the proper attention of the government." Most likely due to what is surely the incredible contentedness of the Cestours within the borders, the Bureau of Cestour Affairs is not currently staffed at all; even its leadership position, the office of the Plaçateir Naziunal, is vacant pending appointment.

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