The Kingdom of Talossa


MinistrÓ dal Xhusticia
The Ministry of Justice

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The Attorney General heads up the Ministry of Justice, and is one of the officers of the Cabinet serving the Seneschal of Talossa, appointed according to the power granted by Article XII of Talossa's Organic Law; section 1 of that article specifies that "Various other ministries may also be appointed as the Seneschal sees fit."

Talossan Statute 36RZ17 ("The Cabinet Refinishing Act") further formally establishes the longstanding office of Attorney-General and officially creates as a cabinet level ministry the Ministry of Justice, responsible to the Attorney-General. The mandate of this officer is described thusly: "The Attorney-General, heading the Ministry of Justice, shall provide legal advice and assistance to the government as requested. The attorney-general and subordinate officers of the MinistrÓ dal Xhusticia (Ministry of Justice) shall prosecute actions brought by the government in the Kingdom's courts, and defend the government against actions brought against it in said courts."

The current Attorney General is BÚneditsch Ardpresteir, appointed 23 July 2012.

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