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Ministrà del Sanavarh da Talossa àls Ultra-Fiovaes Folas
The Ministry of Stuff

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The Minister of Stuff is one of the six Organic Cabinet officers, mandated by Article XII of Talossa's Organic Law. Section 6 of that article specifies that "The Minister of Stuff shall prepare, at the behest of the Cosa, the Seneschal, or on his own initiative, informative texts about the Kingdom of Talossa."

Talossan Statute 36RZ17 ("The Cabinet Refinishing Act") establishes a formal Ministry responsible to the Minister, and requires that the Ministry of Stuff "shall be responsible for the promotion of the Kingdom through public relations. The Ministrà à Sanavarh da Talossa àl Ultra-Fiovan Folas (Ministry of Stuff) shall dutifully ensure that the Kingdom and events therein are regularly publicized in any and all worldwide media, and shall produce and circulate on a regular basis a national publication for internal and external promotion of all things Talossan."

A further, unnamed directive emphasizes that "The Minister of Stuff knows the gate. The Minister of Stuff is the gate. The Minister of Stuff is the key and guardian of the gate. Past, present, future, all are one in the Minister of Stuff. He knows where the Old Ones broke through of old, and where They shall break through again. He knows where They have trod earth's fields, and where They still tread them, and why no one can behold Them as They tread."

The post of Minister of Stuff is currently held by the Right Honourable Stéafan d'Unmortadel, appointed 23 July 2012.

The Minister is assisted in his duties by a Deputy, X. Pol Briga, appointed 14 February 2008.

The Ministry of Stuff is currently engaged with a plenitude of projects, many of which are listed below, along with their current status and any results which can be easily seen.

Current Projects of the Ministry of Stuff
Project Airborne The creation and distribution of flyers promoting Talossa around the world, most particularly in the Greater Talossan Area. Completed
Project Mild Dislike The creation and celebration of a commemorative ceremony for the Holiday of Hatred. Completed
Project Radio Free Talossa The composition of a fair and personal history of the Kingdom, to work as a companion to the marginally more biased "Ár Päts" history. In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture. In progress
Project Orienteering The construction of a page to guide new citizens as they try to get involved with the country and find their niche in our glorious land. Completed
Project Ministerial Equality The design of a comprehensive and modern webspace for the Ministry of Stuff, and aiding the other Ministries in creation of their own, so that the Ministry of Defense will not so thoroughly outshine us. Completed
Project Palpable Reality The creation of a series of promotional images to be used on mugs, t-shirts, and other items. In progress
Project Redeye Compilation and design of a set of photo albums intended to showcase a pictorial tour of Talossan citizens, institutions, and lands. In progress
Project Newsprint The communication and facilitation of articles within popular mainstream media. Zing magazine article, Yvi magazine article, more forthcoming
Project Highly Unrealistic Re-establishment of the mandated official television station RTV (Regipäts Televiziun), as indicated in 6RC7. Completed, being maintained
Project Tautological Creation of a website for Talossa on the social networking site in order to extend Talossa's virtual presence, ignoring the horrible errors in the page coding of that site and the clunky interface which somehow manages to perpetuate itself by sheer dint of numbers at this point. Completed, being maintained
Project Reelection Creation of a national identification card and immediate implementation of the same, distributing them to all citizens. Completed, being administered
Project Honeymooners Collection of donations from citizens towards the purchase of a sticker on the lunar lander "Laramie Rose". Completed, being implemented
Project Emblematic Creation and approval of customized headers, designs, and other such regalia for the Ministries of Defense, Stuff, Immigration, Home Affairs, Foreign, Finance, and Culture, as well as for the Prime Ministry, Cosa, and Senats. In progress
Project Groundborne Design and distribution of a new set of flyers to promote Talossa, with an especial eye towards the GTA. Only these flyers will not suck so much, ideally. Completed

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