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La MinistrÓ d'Inmigraziun
The Ministry of Immigration

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The Ministry of Immigration is charged with receiving and handling all requests by all persons wishing to become citizens of Talossa. The Ministry has inaugurated the TalossAssist program, in which each prospective immigrant is paired with an experienced citizen, who guides them through the short process on the road to citizenship.

The current Minister of Immigration is The Right Honourable AudradÔ d'AurýbuÚrg, who is directly overseeing the functions of the Ministry. Send e-mail to the Minister by clicking here.

The work of the Immigration Ministry is also assisted by the New Citizens' Committee, which assigns TALOSSAssistants to each prospective immigrant to assist them in learning all about Talossa, and which constantly works to create material helping new citizens grow in their Talossanity and involvement in their new nation.

The short steps toward citizenship are laid out here:

  1. Prospective citizen indicates an interest. This can be done here.
  2. Prospective immigrant returns a very short questionnaire to the Immigration Ministry.
  3. Immigration Minister verifies information on the questionnaire, and determines eligibility (99.999% of the people in the world are eligible).
  4. Immigrant creates an account on the Kingdom's forums.
  5. Immigration Ministry introduces the immigrant to the nation on the forums.
  6. Immigration Ministry assigns a TALOSSAssistant to the immigrant. This is a citizen of Talossa who will personally assist the immigrant through the process and ensure that he or she is submerged into Talossanity and makes a good impression on the populace and sees to it that he or she is prepared to become an active and interested citizen.
  7. Immigrant posts on our forums for 15 or more days, answering questions from the citizenry and generally getting a feel for life as a Talossan.
  8. After 15 days following the prospective citizen's first posting to the forums, a citizen of Talossa may petition the King to issue a Royal Grant of Citizenship to the immigrant.
  9. When the King (through his Chancery) does so, the party starts.
We look forward to having you join us as a fellow citizen of the Kingdom of Talossa! What are you waiting for? Start your road to Talossan citizenship by letting the Ministry know of your interest!

The Talossa Assistant Program

The Talossa Assistant program is a project headed by the New Citizens Committee to give prospective citizens a helping hand and guide them in Talossa. Becoming a Talossan Assistant is a great starter job for those who are have just come through the process and have been here a few weeks, and it's a great job to get a start in the government. If you would like to become a Talossa Assistant please email the Minister of Immigration at the above link.

It has been the policy of the Ministry of Immigration that no political party is to have contact with applicants during the process of immigration. While the Ministry of Immigration encourages members of all parties to engage in the process, getting to know the immigrant and helping to prepare him or her for citizenship, the Ministry requires that no prospective immigrant may be approached for recruiting purposes by any political party or agent thereof prior to the royal grant of citizenship.

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