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La MinistrÓ da C˙ltura
The Ministry of Culture

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MinistrÓ da C˙ltura

Ministry Homepage

Especially welcome are ideas for projects that individual citizens wish to take on with the assistance or guidance of the Ministry of Culture.

Speceßlter benvenescu sint las ideas per els proxhects qe els Erteiers individuais cherent d'entreprenarh cŘn l'a▀istanšÚu eda la f÷ronša dal MinistrÓ da C˙ltura.

The Minister of Culture post is currently held by Sir Iustý Canun, UrGP.

According to the platform on which the current government was elected:

The Ministry of Culture will issue free of charge, a complete annotated History of Talossa to augment ┴r Pńts and allow our citizens to study the amazing history of Talossa in all its glory!

The Ministry contains two bureaus to assist in this mission:

  • El BŘreu del Glhetg, led by Ladintsch Naziunal Cresti M. SiervicŘl.
  • The Wargames Bureau, led by the National Gamemaster, a position currently vacant.

Headquarters of the
Ministry of Culture
Ideas and suggestions are quite welcome and should be sent to...
Las ideas es las cŘsŘglhas sint benvenescu es fossent envoxhiadas Ó...

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