The Kingdom of Talossa


El Legeu Orgänic
The Organic Law

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The Supreme Law of the Kingdom of Talossa is the Organic Law, which replaced the 1988 Constituzion after ratification by the people in 1997. The Organic Law — familiarly termed the "OrgLaw" — organizes the branches of government and delineates the powers of each branch, and the manner in which it is to be amended.

Article I: Declaration of Independence Article VIII: Composition of the Cosâ Article XV: Amendments to the Organic Law
Article II: Points of State Article IX: The Secretary of State, the Hopper, and the Clark Article XVI: The Courts
Article III: The King Article X: Passing Legislation Article XVII: Territorial Subdivisions
Article IV: Election to the Senäts Article XI: The Seneschál Article XVIII: Citizenship and Rights
Article V: Composition of the Senäts Article XII: The Government (Cabinet) Article XIX: Covenant of Rights and Freedoms
Article VI: Political Parties Article XIII: Duration of the Cosâ and the Government Article XX: Referenda
Article VII: Elections to the Cosâ Article XIV: Living Cosâ Article XXI: Status of the Organic Law

Talossan version:
El Práimhoct
Artical I: La Zesclaraziun d’Independençù Artical VIII: La Cunpoçaziun dal Cosa Artical XV: Els Amendamaintschen àl Legeu Orgänic
Artical II: Els Pünts d’Estat Artical IX: El Secretar d'Estat, la Luploira, es el Clark Artical XVI: Els Corts
Artical III: El Regeu Artical X: El Validarh dal Lexhislaziun Artical XVII: Las Subziviçaziuns Teritoriais
Artical IV: L'Eleziun àl Senäts Artical XI: El Seneschal Artical XVIII: La Citaxhienità es els Drepts
Artical V: La Cunpoçaziun del Senäts Artical XII: El Governamaintsch (Cußeglh) Artical XIX: Las Pactas dels Drepts es dals Livertaes
Artical VI: Els Pártis Politicais Artical XIII: La Zuraziun dal Cosa es del Governamaintsch Artical XX: Referendüms
Artical VII: L'Eleziun àl Cosa Artical XIV: La Cosa Vivind Artical XXI: El Statüs del Legeu Orgänic

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