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The Royal Pengöpäts Heavy Opera Company (RPHOC, hereafter, "The Company") is the premiere cultural attraction in Pengöpäts Province. Performing both the obscure and the adventurous, The Company seeks to please and challenge singers and audiences with two productions per season, one in March, and one in September. The Company's repertoire will include standard popular works, lesser-known operas and operettas, and occasionally operas by modern composers. Some of The Company's greatest successes result from undertaking formidable artistic challenges. You have our guarantee that all of our productions will feature the death of a soprano (either lyric, mezzo or coloratura) before the final curtain.

Announcing Auditions for:

One night only: 18 March 2006.

The Company has the loyal support of 100% of the opera lovers in Pengöpäts Province. Tickets for performances are less than one-third the cost of similar seats at the Metropolitan or Sydney Operas. Although getting here is a little tricky, parking is free. Season subscriptions are available and guarantee prime warm seating for productions. Reduced ticket prices encourage the attendance of young audiences, students, uniformed military, and seniors. Our venue is a place to see and be seen. Remember, in this neighborhood, you won't be the only one in a tuxedo!

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