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Constables | Cunstavais
At the recommendation of the Prime Minister, the King appoints a Cunstaval (Constable) for each province, who serves as Head of State for the province, holding powers akin to the King on the national level, except that the Cunstaval cannot dissolve parliament.

Province Cunstaval
AtatŘrk Vacant
Benito M:sr Ieremiac'h Ventrutx
CÚzembre Sir Cresti SiervicŘl, UrN
Fiova Rt. Hon. Istefan Per■onest
Florencia Litz Cjantscheir
Maricopa Most Hon. Ma Baron Hooligan
Maritiimi-Maxhestic Rt. Hon. Bradley Holmes
Vuode Rt. Hon. S:da ăesli da Chilseu

The Peng÷pńts Antarctic Territory is administered by a Governor, also appointed by the Sovereign at the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The current Governor, appointed on 9th July 2012, by Prime Minister Litz Cjantscheir, is The Honourable Munditenens (Dien) Tresplet. Talossan Organic Law specifies conditions to be met by any territory before it can become a province. If Peng÷pńts ever meets these conditions, it would be truly shocking.

Premiers | Premieirs
Each parliamentary assembly elects a Premier, who serves as Head of Government for the province, and administers the laws of the province. Each province refers to its Premier by a name of its own choice.

Province Title Head of Government Party Affiliation
AtatŘrk Ba■bakan Evan Cuntainša ZRT
Benito Maestro Adm. T.M. Asmourescu RUMP
CÚzembre SÚnÚchal Alexandreu Soleiglhfred MRPT
Fiova Capitßn CarlŘs Xherßltesc¨ ZRT
Florencia Governor P˘l d'AurýbuÚrg RUMP
Maricopa Governadeir-Xheneral Sir C.M. SiervicŘl, UrN RUMP
Maritiimi-Maxhestic Grand General Secretary M.T. Patritz da Biondeu RUMP
Vuode Premier ╔ovart Grischun CSPP

Assemblies | A▀emblatschti
Each of Talossa's provinces has its own single-chamber parliament. The name used to identify each provincial parliament is determined by each individual Province. The number of seats in each provincial assembly varies and can be set by provincial law. Seats in the assembly are assigned by leaders of the political parties in proportion to the votes cast for that party. As a result of the most recent election, seats were assigned thus:

Provincial Assembly Member Seats Party
House of Commons
(20 seats)
DanihÚl AZă Forestßl 5 RUMP
(10 seats)
Brad Holmes 5
Ë´n UrsŘm 1 CSPP
(1 seats)
(6 seats)
Megan Keirle 1
ErschÚve■ ▄chescu 1
Evan Cuntainša 2
(1 seats)
Mataiwos NanamavÚu 2 IND
(2 seats)
Legislative Chancellery
(11 seats)
Adm. T.M. Asmourescu 4 RUMP
(4 seats)
Vitxalmour Conductour 2 NPW
(2 seats)
LŘc da Schir 2 MRPT
(2 seats)
Istefan Per■onest 1 IND
(2 seats)
TxosuŔ Veirnarac'h Pologn 1
Flip Molinar 1 CSPP
(1 seats)
╔tats de CÚzembre
(20 seats)
GlŘc da Dhi 5 MRPT
(9 seats)
Alexandreu Soleiglhfred 4
Ian da Bitour 6 RUMP
(6 seats)
Dame Litz Cjantscheir, UrN 3 IND
(3 seats)
Owen Edwards 1 CSPP
(1 seats)
Moritz Fernaodescu 1 ZRT
(1 seats)
General Assembly
(all citizens of Fiova, each holding one seat)
(15 seats)
P˘l d'AurýbuÚrg 1 The Governor of Florencia always holds at least one seat in the Nimlet.
(10 seats)
Count Ma la Mha 3
His Highness Prince Patrick 1
AudradÔ d'AurýbuÚrg 3
1 The senator representing Florencia always holds at least one seat in the Nimlet
Adam da Simeon 1 MRPT
(1 seats)
Mximo Carbonel 1 LPR
(1 seats)
(9 seats)
Eiric BianšÚu 1 N/A
(Maricopans serve in
the Cabana by simple
non-partisan request,
each holding
a single seat)
Sir Iustý Canun, UrGP 1
Txec dal Mßr 1
Chelli dal Nordselva 1
Txec dal Nordselva 1
Sir Cresti SiervicŘl, UrN 1
Munditenens Tresplet 1
Danihel Txechescu 1
BÚneditsch Ardpresteir 1
Provincial Assembly
(8 seats)
Alexandreu Davinescu 2 CSPP
(2 seats)
(6 seats)
M.T. Patritz da Biondeu 3
Mark Sidahl 1
States General
(5 seats)
╔ovart Grischun 1 N/A
(Vuodeans serve in
the States General by simple
non-partisan request,
each holding
a single seat)
Ben Putnam 1
Sir TrotxÔ Beti˝Úir 1
Viteu MarcianŘs 1
John Alfred Manalang 1

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