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'N Regeu Xhust
A Just King

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The provincial anthem of Vuode, by King Robert I. Shown here using the "Classic Orthography" of the original. (For modern orthography, see the Vuode home page.)

'N Regeu Xhust

'N regeu xhust s volnd ben pr dToct,
O tent creat 'n provn.
Acest pts c'esteva liv'resc,
Ms vuit-sifet vid'va 'n cnxh
Ms vuit-sifet vid'va 'n cnxh

Citaxhins, videtz q' paa!
Prndetz pr zefenar t phts
L'Apntat o fts'ci qt o volt,
Contr bhen s contr tradiziuns

Vuode volt vivar, r phts liverar!
Avnt, avnt, la vhoce cnt':
El vell, ea la mhoart!

A Just King

A just king, and desiring good for all,
He has created a province
This land has been liberated
But '87 saw a change
But '87 saw a change

Citizens, see what is happening!
Take up the defence of your country
The Appointee does with it what he wants
Against good and against traditions

Vuode wants to live, our country to liberate!
Come, come, the voice sings
The old way, or death!

(English Translation by Cresti M. Siervicl.)
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