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L'Opera Rexhital
The Royal Opera

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The Royal Opera is a staple of Talossan cultural life. Working with its sister organisations the Royal Heavy Opera of Pengöpäts and The Talossan Football League, the Royal Opera has been responsible for a blossoming of operatic awareness in the Kingdom.

Opera, an art form mythically original with the Berber forebears of our Talossan nation, is fostered by the Royal Opera as nowhere else. Heeding the insistent, if mythical, calls of our common heritage, Talossans of all stripes come together to enjoy the opera. Indeed, the art of the Talossan opera lives on in original operatic works written and composed by today's Talossans, and performed for the first time on the world stage by the Royal Opera (or at least they would be, if the Royal Opera ever gets around to performing them).

In addition to putting off providing quality performance of European opera, the Royal Opera has also so far avoided actually providing an avenue for the staging of original works of Talossan opera. Still, the Royal Opera is proud to support native operatic compositions, especially the famous trilogy:

El Taloçait d'Isiviglha (The Berber of Seville)

  • Playbill from the mythical 2007 debut performance
  • Livret (Libretto in the Talossan language)
  • Libretto (in English)
  • Libretto (both languages, side-by-side)

El Mariatx da Cascourös (The Marriage of Cascoûrös)

  • (Debuted without performance in 2008 during TalossaFest)
  • Livret (Libretto in the Talossan language)
  • Libretto (in English)

El Matra Cupaval (The Guilty Mother)

  • (Scheduled for a 2017 debut)

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