The Kingdom of Talossa


Offiçars dal Famulaziun Rexhital
Officers of the Royal Household

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Royal Offices
Abbavilla, Atatürk Province
Officers of the Royal Household serve the King directly, are not members of the Government, and are expected to administer their offices in a non-political fashion.

Should vacancies occur in any of these offices, the King appoints a replacement on the advice of the Seneschal, the sole exception being the Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar, who is recommended to the King by the Senäts.

The various officers of the Royal Household were most recently determined and described in law by an act of the 35th Cosa (35RZ24).

The Chancery
Abbavilla, Atatürk Province
La Cantzelería (The Chancery)

The Chancery is the office of the Secretar d'Estat (Secretary of State). Secretary of State Sir Iustě Canun, UrGP (appointed 6 June 2010) administers the Chancery. By law, the Secretary may appoint a single Deputy and any number of subordinate officers (members of the "Office of the Secretary of State" and known as Undersecretaries of State), who are authorized to act in the name of the Secretary and to perform official business delegated to them. (The Deputy Secretary of State alone has the ability to assume powers and delegatory responsibilities of the Secretary when the Secretary is unavailable.)

El Fisc Rexhital (The Royal Treasury)

The current Citánal dels Revenuns Internais (Burgermeister of Inland Revenue), also known as l'Econom Rexhital (the Royal Treasurer), is Bleic'h Ianescu, appointed 16 May 2012. His office is responsible for the custody and safekeeping of the royal treasury, and charged to act as directed by the government of the day to invest and disburse funds from the treasury as provided for by law.

El Coletx d'Armeux (The College of Arms)

The Squirrel King of Arms, Baron Ma la Mha, Rouge Lobster Herald, oversees the College of Arms, with the Dean of the College, Sir Mick Preston (who holds the collegiate title of Penzance Pursuivant). The College grants and registers all heraldic arms for the Kingdom and serves as the Kingdom's ultimate authority in matters of state ceremony, protocol, precedence, titles of nobility and honour, pedigree, knighthoods, and other important matters.

La Scriuería d'Abbavilla (The Scribery of Abbavilla)

The current Grefieir d'Abbavilla (Scribe of Abbavilla) is Vitxalmour Conductour, appointed 6 April 2012. The Scribe is officially charged with the maintenance of Talossan Organic and Statutory Law, and is responsible to the King for the Web presence of the Kingdom.

L'Avocatür Rexhital Talossan (The Royal Talossan Bar)

The post of Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar is held by S:da Litz Cjantscheir, who took office on 21 May 2010 after the passage of 41RS1. Alone among royal appointments, the Chancellor of the Royal Talossan Bar is not recommended to the King by the Seneschal, but by the Senäts.

Members of the Royal Talossan Bar, who must pass a grueling examination before being admitted, are licensed to practice law in the Kingdom of Talossa.

El Müstair Rexhital (The Royal Archives)

The Royal Archives are maintained by the Müstaireir Naziunal (National Archivist), Gödafrďeu Válcadác'h, who was appointed to the office 1 May 2012. In addition to the custodianship of the regalia and historical artifacts of the nation, the Archives is responsible for displaying the same in the online Royal Museum and Institute of Antiquities.

La Funcziun (The Civil Service)

The office of Commissioner of the Civil Service is currently vacant. The Commissioner is officially charged with doing nothing at all.

Office of the Chancellor
of the main campus
of the University of Talossa
Atatürk Province

L'Üniversitŕ da Talossa (The University of Talossa)

The office of the Regent of the University is held by S:r Istefan Perţonest, appointed 1 March 2012. The University is charged with all academic projects for the education and edification of the realm. The University of Talossa's main campus, located in Atatürk Province, has a semester enrollment of over 28,000 students from all over the world. An extension college, with courses offered online, and with a land grant on offer from Cézembre Province, is open only to Talossan citizens.

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