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Sr Acest Nic'ht
On This Night

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A Christmas poem written in the Talossan language by King John (Sir John Woolley at the time).

Sr Acest Nic'ht

Ensembla cantadrent las muotas, es rexhoiadrent las montagnas;
ensembla saltadrent las astras, es celevradrent els nivois!
Par qe tent el cir sr acest nic'ht nascat frumoasit,
es sr acest nic'ht tiennent els ux piovat dal xhusticia.
Sr acest nic'ht tiennent meredes es vrtsit rencontreschti,
es sr acest nic'ht tiennent la Tzara es el u esteschti recunilats.
Toct voi popuis, Txfs es Enicais, rexhoietz!
Toct voi Cestours, estetz aleretzen; toct voi Erteiers, estetz laetapunts!
Par qe sr acest nic'ht isch nascat Qi qissen saxhea isch avant els mundeux,
par qe el Createir, avetz els uglhen diens idil, Sieu creaziun risguardat,
sr acest nic'ht

On This Night

Together let the hills sing, and the mountains rejoice,
together let the stars dance, and the clouds exult!
Because has the land on this night given birth to beauty,
and on this night have the skies rained justice.
On this night have mercy and truth been united,
and on this night have Heaven and Earth been reconciled.
All you people, Jews and Gentiles, rejoice!
All you Cestours, be joyful; all you Citizens, be joyful!
Because on this night is born He whose wisdom is before the worlds,
because the Creator, with the eyes of a newborn child, beholds His creation,
on this night.

(English Translation by Ma Baron Tepist.)
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