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El Fisc Rexhital
The Royal Treasury

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About the Royal Treasury

The primary function of the Royal Treasury is to keep custody of the Kingdom's currency reserves. It is empowered by The Royal Household Cleaning Act, 35RZ24, to collect and hold all funds due to the Crown. The only regular income is the fee for political party registration, outlined in The Registration Act.

The head of the Royal Treasury, referred to as the Burgermeister of Inland Revenue, is also charged with disbursing funds as authorized by an act of the Ziu and as requested by His Majesty's Government. This is in accordance with the economic policies put in to place by the Ministry of Finance. The Finance Minister's actions as Chairman of the Royal Bank and Post are subject to audit by the Treasury(See "Royal Audit').

Officers of the Royal Treasury

Bleic'h Ianescu serves as the current Citánal dels Revenuns Internais, though he has come to prefer to be styled as l'Econom Rexhital, Royal Treasurer.

In this role he carries out the mission of El Fisc Rexhital, acting as principal fiduciary of the Kingdom's assets.

Party Registration for the National Election

The upcoming election is due to begin with Balloting Day on June 15th. The declaration of a party leader and publication of a 50 word statement, required by OrgLaw, should be made to the Secretary of State.

Prior to the assumption of any Cosa seats the party must have paid the required registration fee. The fee is currently set at 13¤20, $20USD at current exchange rates.

Use the Paypal button above or email l'Econom Rexhital to arrange to use other approved payment methods.

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