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Vivadra el Regeu
Long Live the King

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A song by Capitn Nicol Caslmac'h.

Vivadra el Regeu

Un vr zilct urca al roneu,
Els popuis prediar s servar.
Noi celebratent cn aleretz
Cir oxhi noi tienent un regeu.

La curf: Vivadra el regeu!
Vivadra el regeu!
Regeu Ian zilct r!
Vivadra el regeu!

Noi aschteptevent auramtsmnt
El discurs del roneu, qualsevol
Noi auscultevent n la malor,
Cn aleretz s celevraziun.

Long Live the King

A beloved man ascends the throne,
To rule and to serve the people.
We celebrate with joy
For today we have a king.

The chorus: Long live the King!
Long live the King!
Our beloved King John!
Long live the King!

We will eagerly await
The speech from the throne, which
We will hear in the early morning
With joy and celebration.

(English Translation by Cresti M. Siervicl.)
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