The Kingdom of Talossa


Provinçù da Vuode
Vuode Province

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Hic Habitat Rex! The King Lives Here!

That's our motto here in Vuode, where Talossa began. Read all about the proud history of Vuode, which is currently one of Talossa's fastest-growing provinces!

We're happy to have you visiting us here in Vuode; maybe you can help us.

We currently have a governmental structure that absolutely no one can explain. Supposedly, we have three premiers? Does that make any sense to you? Seriously. Three premiers. Yeah, we know. So we don't really bother appointing or electing people to those multiple premierships. It's really a big mess right now. We need a new Constitution. The place is a shambles.

P.S. Oh, we're supposed to put a map of the province on here. There you go!

Provincial Anthem: The song, "'N Regeu Xhust" ("A Just King") was set to the tune of the "Marseillaise" and recounts the resistance of Vuodean monarchists to its anti-monarchical Governor General in the spring of 1987.
'N Regeu Xhust

'N regeu xhust es volind ben per dToct,
O tent creat 'n provinçù.
Acest päts c'esteva liverescu,
Mas vuit-séifet videv'iens chinxh
Mas vuit-séifet videv'iens chinxh

Citaxhiens, videtz qet paßa!
Preindetz per zefençarh tu phäts
L'Apuntat o fäts'ci qet o volt,
Contra bhen es contra tradiziuns

Vuode volt vivarh, ár phäts à liverarh!
Avant, avant, la vhoce canta:
El vell, eda la mhoart!

A Just King

A just king and wanting good for all,
He has created a province.
This country was freed,
But '87 saw a change
But '87 saw a change

Citizens, see what happens!
Take to defend your country
The appointee he does here what he wants,
Against good and against traditions

Vuode wants to live, our nation to free!
Forward, forward, the voice sings:
The old way, or death!

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