The Kingdom of Talossa


El Ziu (Parlamînt Naziunál)
The Ziu (Parliament)

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The 1997 Organic Law vests legislative power in the bicameral Ziu (parliament), which consists of a seven-seat upper house known as the Senäts, and a 200-seat lower house known as the Cosa. Members of the Ziu deliberate by e-mail or in person year round. The King may not hold seats in the Senäts or the Cosa, but he is ex officio a member of the Ziu, and may introduce legislation for its consideration; he has a seldom-used veto which may be overridden by the two Houses.

Elections are held every eight months or so. However, election dates (as shown on the current schedule) are tentative, and could change due to early dissolution of the lower house or by the introduction of a single no-business month to the six monthly legislative sessions (known as Clarks) that are usually held between each election.

Clark business runs from the 1st to the 21st day of each calendar month in which the Ziu meets.

Note that the word "Clark" has two meanings: it is both the term for a monthly meeting of the Ziu, and the name of the Secretary of State's official journal and report detailing the business of each such Clark. Clarks are sometimes referred to by month ("The July 2005 Clark") and sometimes by their number in the session of the Cosa ("The Fifth Clark of the 34th Cosa").

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