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Welcome to the website of the Talossan Press Association.

Freelance Directory

Displayed here is a list of contact details for freelance Journalists, Broadcasters, Cartoonists, etc.

Éovart Grischun (Columnist)

GV (Columnist/Writer)

The Talossan Press Association is dedicated to the promotion of the Press and Media of Talossa. The TPA provides opportunities for journalists and others interested in the media to learn about new developments and debate the latest issues concerning the Talossan media industry. Our discussions are not only on matters of importance to journalism, but to the furtherance and protection of free speech throughout the world. The Association also organize journalistic exhibitions, as well as administering the highly prestigious annual Talossan Journalism Awards, which includes awards for 'Journalist of the Year', 'Best Article of the Year' and 'The Saint Maximilion Kolbe Award for Fine Writing'. Saint Maximilion Kolbe is a patron saint of Journalists as well as the patron saint of the association.

The Association welcomes as members those with an interest in journalism and the media including past and present journalists, broadcasters, bloggers, printers, designers, cartoonists, etc. As a member, you will receive our regular Newsletter. Affiliate members can also call for the assistance of the association in legal matters, including libel cases.

Membership enquiries (including that of affiliate memberships) can be made by contacting Eovart Grischun. (email:


The Talossan Press Association is commited to the encouragment of unbiased and reliable news reporting within the Nation, thus we offer an Affiliate Members Scheme. Journalists, Bloggers, Broadcasters and Media Publications and Outlets that display the 'TPA Affiliate Member's Seal' follow the guidelines and code of ethics endorsed by us. If you see this seal then you can be sure that the media outlet is following measures to try and be as unbiased as possible and is a reliable source of News.

Affiliate Members:

The TPA Endorsed Journalistic Code

The TPA encourages Talossan journalists to voluntarily embrace the following guidelines and Code of Ethics, regardless of place or platform. The code is intended not as a set of "rules" but as a resource for ethical decision-making when reporting. The TPA holds at its core the belief in the free flow of information. These guidelines are here to aid in the free flow of information via the Talossan Press and only are here to assist in an untampered flow. We understand that at times some guidelines must be overlooked to get to the core of a story.

NB: Affiliate Members are permitted to display the 'Affiliate Member's Seal' on there websites, blogs or publications. Readers can be sure that when this symbol is displayed that the following code has been followed whenever possible.

- Journalists should act in an honest and fair manner when reporting news and should treat sources, subjects and audiances with respect. Do not become arrogant when seeking news. Be especially sensitive and compassionate when reporting news dealing with children and those affected by grief or tragedy. Recognize the right of privacy whenever possible, Unneccessary intrusion is never warranted.

- Take efforts to verify your sources before reporting news. Identify your sources when possible as your audience is entitled to information on your sources' reliability. Don't break promises of anonymity of sources. Try to provide your subjects an opportunity for rebuttal.

- Do not allow your news material to misrepresent a situation and never falsify photos or videos, unless you make clear that it has been done for effect. This does not apply to satirical cartoons and jokes. Never plagerize and always give credit for quotations.

- Avoid stereotyping of any nature.

- Take efforts to ensure that your outlet has a complaints procedure and take efforts to ensure procedures for remedial action. When you have made a mistake in your reporting, efforts should be made to admit, apologise and rectify said mistakes.

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