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The Royal Historical Society of Talossa (RHST)
Promoting, Researching and Preserving the History of Talossa

The Royal Historical Society of Talossa was formed by former Royal Archivist, Mataiwos NanamavÚu on June 3, 2007. The RHST is a volunteer organisation committed to collecting, researching and sharing an understanding of the history of Talossa.

RHST Members:
  • Danihel Forestal, Royal Archivist - Chairperson (since 1/10/09)
  • SM King John
  • Mataiwos NanamavÚu
  • Domnul Ma la Mha, Baron TepistÓ (Hooligan)
  • The Right Honourable Xhorxh Asmour
  • Tric'hard D´eulofaševa
  • His Honour Cresti Mataiwos SiervicŘl
  • Eddie Grice
Membership of the RHST is open. All those with an interest in history are welcome to join. To join, email the Royal Archivist.

The Chairperson & Directors of the RHST:

The Chairperson is elected every six months by a democratic vote by members of the RHST. The position of RHST Chairperson is held by Royal Archivist Danihel Forestal, having been not-exactly-elected-but-close-enough on January 10, 2009 (citation).

The Directors are appointed by the Chairman and are assigned different roles in the RHST from Vice-Chairman to Head of Research to Head of Membership.

The goals of the RHST are:

  1. To encourage the study of Talossan history by establishing a Public & Virtual museum, art gallery, library and archives;
  2. To promote the preservation, proper organisation and publication of authentic historical records;
  3. To acquire and preserve for the use of the Society and the public, objects and materials that illuminate the history of Talossa;
  4. To undertake historical research into people, sites, buildings, event or issues and to participate in activities aimed at promoting, commemorating and/or, where relevant, preserving and conserving them;
  5. To promote the dissemination of information by lectures, seminars, workshops, excursions of historic and geographic interest, and exhibitions;
  6. To encourage the establishment of societies with aims consistent with these purposes, to support their activities and to promote a network of National Associations to link them to each other and to the Society;
  7. To publish relevant newsletters, journals and other material; and
  8. To aid the Royal Archives and the Royal Archivist in its work and duties.

School of Historical Research (currently defunct):

The School of Historical Research introduces researchers to the rich collections of primary source materials held in archival repositories - official government records held by the Royal Archives and the Royal Archivist.

The School of Historical Research will teach new members and non-members about doing historical research and how to research the answer to their own questions using the Royal Archives and other sources.

History Support Group (currently defunct):

The "History Victoria Support Group," a committee of the RHST, aims

  1. To further the understanding of history, especially community history, across Talossa;
  2. To support and promote the role and activities of the RHST affiliated societies, and
  3. To maintain strong contacts between local societies, RHST and the wider community
The History Support Group
  1. Holds Seminar Days four times a year;
  2. Reports, discusses, develops and disseminates policies, activities and publications to help Societies increase the impact of the history movement;
  3. Encourages the use of techniques including information technology to develop local history networks;
  4. Promotes RHST and encourages the affiliation of local and specialist history societies;
  5. Co-ordinates an integrated calendar of events across the network of historical societies and publishes it online; and
  6. Encourages the on-going stimulation of new initiatives of management of historical societies and their collections

The History Support Group provides practical information to help members of historical societies manage and promote their collections and activities and encourages active networking between members of historical societies throughout the state. It also provides advice on the establishment and running of historical societies, and issues such as incorporation, insurance, privacy and copyright.

This is a project of the Kingdom of Talossa Royal Archives. All inquiries related to this or other Royal Archives projects should be directed to

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