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The Talossan Animal Protection and Zoological Society
La Società Talossan del Salvatx d'Animais es Zoloxhismeu

Welcome to the Kingdom's webpage for TAPZS. Members of the society are all-round animal lovers and we like to get involved from time to time in working towards awareness and action for animal protection within the Kingdom as well as promoting the active study of animals and their environment.

The aims of the society:

-- To protect the animals, insects and birds of the Kingdom, Domestic or Wild.

-- To encourage the active scientific, anthropologic and biological study of wildlife and it's environment.

-- To aid and assist any other organisation, governmental or private, in any project where animals, insects and birds and their environments are concerned.

In the meantime you can read up on zoology on this Wikipedia Page. You can also read up on animal protection on this page too.


Éovart Grischun (Chairperson)
Çelís del Þeracour
Flip Molinar
Eoin Ursüm
Joseph Walkland
Danihel Forestal

Please email the Minister of Culture to have your name added here.

~National Mammal~
~National Bird~
~National Insect~

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