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Zefençadeirs del Päts Talossan - ZPT Defenders of the Land of Talossa

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ZPT : Defenders of the Land of Talossa
Zefençadeirs del Päts Talossan

Party Statement
Positioned to provide a stable and loyal opposition party for the Kingdom of Talossa. Join the hard working Zefençadeirs del Päts Talossan in a common effort to defend our land, our law, our language, our culture, our people and our King.

The Zefençadeirs del Päts Talossan Planks

1. The Kingdom of Talossa must be defended from outsiders.

1.1 The ZPT will work to stand a hard line against "Bug Nations" and other so called micronations that insist on attempts to interact with the Kingdom of Talossa.
1.2 The ZPT will work to preserve our national boundaries and our provincial designations pure and intact.
1.3 The ZPT will work to prevent the abuse of the Talossan Territories

2. The Kingdom of Talossa must protect our Organic Law.

2.1 The ZPT will work to enforce existing OrgLaw
2.2 The ZPT will work to engage Court reform

3. The Language of Talossa must be protected.
3.1 The ZPT will work with CUG to continue to develop the Talossan language in a proper and natural format.
3.2 The ZPT will work to preserve Classic Talossan for historic purpose with Old Spelling as originally constructed by its founder.

4. Defense of Talossan Culture is paramount to our existance as a nation.
4.1 Our Immigration must reform to educate and protect Talossan ideals and cultivate a strong Talossan cultural movement.
4.2 Talossan culture is unique and survives on the creative backs of its citizens and as such must be promoted and properly sponsored.

5. Our People and our King must be defended!
5.1 Talossans and our Immigrants must be properly educated and well versed with Talossa's rich history and lessons of our past.
5.2 Our Citizen list must be allowed to grow and be released from the confines that restrict and behead without scrutiny culturally active Talossans, stripping their right to vote in a General Election.
5.3 Our King and His Majesty's royal and historic position MUST be defended at all costs as the Kingdom of Talossa IS a Constitutional Monarchy and there is NO room for negotiation

Current Party Membership:

Xhorxh Asmour: ZPT Community Organizer
Ieremiac'h Ventrutx: ZPT Secretary and Counselor
Viteu Tochtviachteir: ZPT Overlord Protector

Join the ZPT and help defend Talossa!

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